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Talent Tools provides private acting, song performance, and career coaching for performers of all ages and levels of experience. Coaching sessions take place in online via Skype and Career Coaching can also take place over the phone. 
Our hours are flexible and we can often fit you into our schedule with short notice.  

Acting Coaching
Need to prepare for an upcoming audition or performance, or want to improve your acting skills? Talent Tools is here to help. During your session, we will work with you one-on-one on your piece, whether it be a monologue, scene, side, commercial copy, and guide you to a comfortable, natural performance. We can also help you build your repertoire and skillset so that you are prepared for every opportunity that comes your way.
To learn more, schedule a coaching session, or find helpful hints on audition pieces view our coaching product pages.
CoachingCareer Coaching                         
Talent Tools provides private career coaching for performers at any point in their career - whether it be someone completely new to the industry, or someone who has been at this for a while and just needs someone to help up their game. The Talent Tools team's unique background in acting and casting makes us amply qualified to understand both the actor's perspective and the perspective of those who do the hiring. 
Here are some examples of the types of career coaching sessions we offer:

  • Breaking into the Business - for the completely "green" (new) actor   at any age, for the transplanted experienced actor wanting to learn about the New England or Los Angeles market, or for the actor returning to the entertainment industry after a hiatus
  • Breaking into Film/TV/Commercial Acting - for the theatre actor looking to cross over into on-camera acting

  • The Art of the Submission - for the actor wanting to learn how to properly submit for projects and increase their booking potential
  • The Unions and You - for the actor wanting to know more about the acting unions and/or needing advice on their union status

  • Social Media Coaching - for the actor seeking guidance on how to leverage social media to help their career
  • Actor Life Coaching - for the actor needing help through the challenges associated with pursuing a career in the entertainment industry 
  • Career Mentoring - for the actor looking for on-going guidance and support
During our most popular "Breaking into the Business" Career Coaching session you will learn which casting directors you should be on file with, where to find auditions and work on your own, what your agent and union options are, which companies to stay away from, and much more; plus you will have the opportunity to ask for advice on any other important topics of interest to you. All our career coaching sessions are available for adult actors, parents of child performers, and mature teens.
We understand the ins and outs of the business, and will guide you to success!   
About Becki Dennis
Talent Tools was founded by entertainment industry professional Becki Dennis, who has worked as an actor, director, producer, casting director, acting coach, print model, and production assistant; for film, television, commercials, industrials, theatre, voice over, and more. While working professionally in the business over the past ten years she has developed a vast, diverse knowledge of the industry and how to market yourself to achieve success. She loves to share the knowledge she has gained with others, which was her inspiration for starting Talent Tools.