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img-2891.jpgTalent Tools is excited to announce our newest service offering - Reel Productions - where we will film up to three scenes of footage on a set that is geared specifically for YOU! We'll find a script, or collaborate on one, that fits your type and then produce it.  Once the production is complete we will edit the footage into a demo reel that you can instantly use to enhance your Actor marketing portfolio!  
Full Reel Production is being provided at our fully functioning studio in Brooklyn, NY, where actors have access to multiple sets, as well as in a to be determined location in the greater Boston area, where once a month we will be hosting Reel Production Weekends, consisting of eight one-hour slots that actors can book ahead of time to create One Reel-Designed Scene.  


"Great, this is awesome! I love Talent Tools."
-Andrew P. Wilson, Agent at Model Club, Inc.

"Her attention to detail with my resume was astounding. She left no stone unturned..."
-Maureen McCarthy, Professional SAG-AFTRA Actor

"She took her time and truly made us feel at ease... I hope my daughter's future experiences in the industry will be with people like Becki..."
-Pam Wilkie, Parent of a Teen Model/Actor

Talent Tools' mission is to help actors and performers succeed by providing them a one-stop shop for high-quality, affordable marketing tools and services, such as demo reelsresumesmonologue videosheadshotsbiosbusiness cardspostcardsprivate acting and career coachingworkshops and events, and more. We offer our services in-person and over the phone, Skype, or email, and most of our products can be conveniently purchased directly from our online store.